At Cuteticles, your safety is our priority. Here are some of our hygiene and sanitation practices you can expect to find at Cuteticles.

Disposable Manicure & Pedicure Kit
To insure the highest level of sanitation, we use brand new disposable manicure and pedicure kit.

Disposable Pedicure Liners
We use disposable pedicure liners to protect our clients from risks associated with unsanitary tubs.

Heat Sterilization and Sealed
At Cuteticles, we use the highest level of sterilization method called "autoclaving" for all of our implements. After autoclaving, the implements are placed into individual sealed sanitation pouches. 

Continual Disinfecting of Sinks and Tabletops
We wipe down sinks and tabletops with special solution to remove debris, kill bacteria, and prevent spread of germs throughout the day.